Hi, I’m Catherine.


(Cathy is ok, too!) I wake up everyday with one thought: Is what I’m doing making a positive impact on the world? I keep that in mind and incorporate it in everything I do. My true passions are solving problems and helping others.

Cathy Hoke.png

What I d0.

Currently, I am the Executive Director of the Peninsula School of Art, as well as a writer, speaker and lover of all things entrepreneurial and creative.

Through my work as consultant, coach and organizational leader, I help creatives, social entrepreneurs and non-profits hone their skills, define their visions and sustain themselves doing thoughtful, purposeful work. I am a believer in possibilities and the power of individuals and small organizations to make big impacts.


Let’s Connect

I am passionate about side projects. I’d love to talk about your, or your organization’s, vision, superpowers, and the ways you’d like to change your marketplace, or the world!